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Kkris T An

Birth Date: May 16, 1988
( Taurus )
   30 years old

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Member Level: Rainbow

Kkris T An KkrisTAn
Nuts County, TX   78411

Cell Phone: 1(361)815-6946

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About Me  About Me: You know Kkris T An the MySpace. Famous Party Star. With 843617892 friends the numbers just keep going up, (find me @ Please don't ADD me if you don't like receiving tons of bulletins. Just because I'm popular, doesn't mean i like people i am a declared anti-social. remark-listen I am not nice at all, I don't have any patience. Sorry, I get bored of people. If you recognize me in the streets, PLEASE avoid saying: "Are you that guy from Myspace?" I fucking hate that. My name is Kkris. What can you say about Kkris that hasn't been scrawled in dirty bathrooms all over the city and by city I mean all over the US. Half super bitch and half mega whore. Kkris keeps being the main topic of people's discussions. "Christine Dolce and I have similar bodies, except my breasts are a lot smaller." I'm a complete nerd. I can't spell. And I definitely don't know how to do laundry or cook. Who can? I will not sit here and try to prove myself to be original. I am not scene, emo, or anything else. I have no labels attached. Talk shit all you want. You'll never compare to me. Don't thank me for the add. Chances are I didn't even notice you. "Silk collar and Blue collar, don't even mix in the washing machine" I don't like you. There I said it BLOCK ME and go back to the mediocrity. Your mom will be there with her arms wide open to welcome you back. I always comment everyone back. I smoke. I drink but I don't get drunk. "You don't buy tequila, you rent it." And raise your hand if you are a big fan of Xanax. I do my own hair most of the time. It's a nickname that keeps the stalker people away. MESSAGE me if you live in TX. and party like a Rock Star. ONLY if you are serious about it:] I don't like to blend in, so I make my clothes look different than everyone else's. COMMENT Graphic shirts are the shit! I'm always the center of attention, can't do shit about it. Maybe its just the fact that i'm not a shorty. And I'm pretty fucking cute to be unnoticed. If I'm not, I am not going to try to make myself be it. I'm not that big of an attention whore. I look like a whore but I'm not a hooker. "Black, white, gay, straight; what's the difference we all finish ourselves off at the end anyway." I'm shy most of the time, but that's rare. If you ever hang out with me you'll know what I mean. I like to have a cigarette when I go for a "walk" (my mom believes it) And drink orange juice straight from the carton. I am constantly in love. I like things that you don't. And I say things you don't understand. Odd I make no sense Every once in a while I share some of my mental shit in my blogs page. Ink my accompanion. A bunch of random words but for me its the shit. I am misunderstood by the human race. Buy me a Hershey's chocolate bar and I will love you forever. Excellent technique to keep my mouth shut. Approved by the MAFTTAKKPA (Mom and friend's treatments to avoid Kkris's psychotic attacks.

If there isn't something I hate more it's fucking drama. Do not fucking bring it, I'll hate you for the rest of your existence and, I will do random acts of cruelty against you.

I'm pretty easy to get along with, just don't annoy me.

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