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Rick Wagner

Birth Date: November 26, 1961
( Sagittarius )
   56 years old

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Rick Wagner

Where are we going and why are we in this hand-basket?
3824 Cedar Springs Rd.
Dallas, TX   75219

Cell Phone: (214) 929-7543

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Member Since: 2011

About Me  About Me: Hey everyone.. by day I'm an uber geek business operator for and by night I'm a friendly and passionate person who likes to share fun with others. I don't care about your negative energy cuz I'm not your 'drama fixer' but I'll always be respectful and focused on learning something new without being judgmental.

Insecure peeps who are more worried about what "others think of them" rather than what they think of themselves are very tiresome and politely avoided by me. No interest in being a controlling Daddy to someone else. [that's so 15 years ago)

Of course we never have our shit together and therefore it's never expected.. but I have more interest in those focused on "moving forward" instead of sitting by the sidelines continuously praying for change.

Oh and I Voted for Obama, and if you voted for Romney please leave my profile now because it's the only thing that I'm extremely intolerant about and have little use for people who voted for that hateful narrow-minded man.

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