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TAT launches video to promote Thailand as safe for LGBT+ tourists
March 11, 2019
Tourism Thailand revealed their new progressive LGBT+ travelers campaign in an effort to display Thailand as a diverse and welcoming destination for LGBT+ explorers.
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PBS Video: ‘Boy Erased’ explores the ‘self-hatred’ of gay conversion
November 14, 2018
New film ‘Boy Erased’ explores the ‘self-hatred’ dealt by gay conversion programs
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VIDEO: Boxed in By Labels, a Liberal Bisexual and a Gay Conservative Share Common Ground
October 30, 2018
A liberal bisexual teen and a gay conservative talk about being boxed in by labels.
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GLAAD to Recognize Excellence in Video Game LGBTQ Representation
September 27, 2018
GLAAD plans to recognize the best LGBTQ representation in games via a new category for its upcoming GLAAD Media Awards, according to a press release. The annual awards show, which will be in its 30th year for 2019, will recognize video games that achieve excellence in “LBGTQ-inclusive content” in the new category, the Outstanding Video Game Award. “[The] award is given for an interactive experienc...
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VIDEO: What the Bears Can Teach Goldilocks
August 28, 2018
“Bear Culture” -- a supportive, global community of mostly large, mostly hairy gay men -- has evolved and thrived through ideas of inclusion, diversity
| Provincetown, MA VIDEOS | Provincetown, MA HUB | #GayPTown | @ILoveGayPTown |
| Bears VIDEOS | Bears HUB | #GayBears | @ILoveQBears |
| Lifestyle VIDEOS | Lifestyle HUB | #GayLife | @LGBTPinkieB |

(VIDEO) What Would You Do: Young man comes out as gay to his traditional Asian parents
August 18, 2018
Asian parents tell their son that he is an embarrassment to their culture for being gay. What will nearby diners say?
| Lifestyle VIDEOS | Lifestyle HUB | #GayLife | @LGBTPinkieB |

Joey Suarez, Gay Latino Electro Pop Star, Releases New Music Video “Dancing By Myself” Exclusively on Revry
August 14, 2018
When international LGBT streaming service Revry contacted Joey Suarez about offering exclusive content to Revry’s quickly growing subscriber base, Suarez knew the partnership was a match made in gay heaven. As an openly gay musician, Suarez is determined to help break down barriers and increase acceptance, following in the footsteps of other great LGBT artists including Elton John, Melissa Etherid...
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East Penn releases links to LGBTQ videos at center uproar
August 11, 2018
Watch the videos that caused an uproar among East Penn parents and students.
| Philadelphia, PA VIDEOS | Philadelphia, PA HUB | #GayPhilly | @ILoveGayPhilly |
| Local News VIDEOS | Local News HUB | #GayLocalNews | @LGBTPinkieB |

VIDEO: Buck Angel Discusses Portrayal of Transgender People in Media
July 16, 2018
Actor/filmmaker Buck Angel discusses the portrayal of transgender people in the media and how he believes it has positively changed over the years.
| Lifestyle VIDEOS | Lifestyle HUB | #GayLife | @LGBTPinkieB |

VIDEO: What now for NI's gay community? Arlene Foster becomes the first DUP leader to attend an LGBT event
June 30, 2018
Arlene Foster's attendance at a Pink News event has been hailed as a positive one.
| Dublin, Ireland VIDEOS | Dublin, Ireland HUB | #GayIreland | @ILoveGayIreland |
| Dance VIDEOS | Dance HUB |
| Politics & Law VIDEOS | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @ILoveGayPolitic |

VIDEO: Older Lesbians Try Out 'New Lesbian' Slang And It's Hilarious
June 29, 2018
Turns out, “U-Hauling” is intergenerational.
| Seniors VIDEOS | Seniors HUB | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |
| Lifestyle VIDEOS | Lifestyle HUB | #GayLife | @LGBTPinkieB |
| Lesbian | #LesbianLife

VIDEO: Malian LGBT Activist Finds Refuge in France
June 28, 2018
In his home country, a young man known only as "Louis" was persecuted for his sexual orientation. So he fled his native Mali in search of a new, more tolerant home. With help from an association called Welcome Refugees, he met a couple who agreed to host him in Paris. VOA's Arash Arabasadi has more on Louis' search for a new life.
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| QPOC/African-American VIDEOS | QPOC/African-American HUB | #QPOC | @IHeartQPOC |
| Global VIDEOS | Global HUB | #GayWorldNews | @ILoveGayLGBT |

VIDEO: LGBT Elders Read Letters To Younger Self
June 23, 2018
Special thank you to The LGBT Community Center of the Desert: Thanks to production assistant Jake Arman.
| Palm Springs, CA VIDEOS | Palm Springs, CA HUB | #GayPalmSprings | @ILoveGayPS |
| Seniors VIDEOS | Seniors HUB | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |

VIDEO: A Letter to Harvey Milk - Theatrical Talkback
June 13, 2018
Join us to learn some of the back story, as well as production stories, from the cast of A Letter to Harvey Milk.
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| New York City, NY VIDEOS | New York City, NY HUB | #GayNYC | @ILoveGayNYC |
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Pride & Prejudice Hong Kong 2018 - highlight video
June 08, 2018
Gathering in Hong Kong for Pride and Prejudice 2018, an event hosted by The Economist Events, prominent industry leaders discussed the principal challenges obstructing progress in the global conversation around LGBT rights, diversity and inclusion within business and civil society.
| Hong Kong VIDEOS | Hong Kong HUB | #GayHK | @ILoveGayChina |
| Pride VIDEOS | Pride HUB | #GayPride | @ILoveLGBTPride |
| Business VIDEOS | Business HUB | #LGBTBiz | @ILoveLGBTBiz |

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